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Draft Landuse Strategy Summary 2010-2030
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Draft Open Space and
Recreational Needs Study
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Draft Heritage Plan
Draft Heritage Development
Control Plan Study
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It is advised that Council at its Ordinary Meeting of 31st October, 2011 gave consideration to the exhibited Draft Lithgow Land Use Strategy 2010-2030.

The document has been amended in accordance with Council’s resolutions (Minute No’s 11-422 and 11-450).

This final document has now been forwarded to the NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure Western Region Office for endorsement.

Draft Lithgow Land Use Strategy 2010-2030

Prelude Cover 396 kb
  Contents 25 kb
  Executive Summary 138 kb

Part 1 - LUS Strategic Overview Background 146 kb
  Regional Context 184 kb
  Legislative and Policy Framework 171 kb

Part 2 - Strategic Directions & Principles Growth Management Structure 615 kb
  Social and Economic Analysis 317 kb
  Infrastructure 1886 kb
  Environmental and Natural Resource 2077 kb
  Heritage 57 kb

Part 3 - Land Use Principles Rural Lands 1941 kb
  Superceeded Rural Lands 3200 kb
  Large Lot Residential 1996 kb
  Residential Land Use 2810 kb
  Employment Lands 3309 kb
  Open Space and Recreational Land 166 kb

Part 4 - LUS Implementation Framework Strategy Implementation Framework 13551 kb

Appendices 1. Supply and Demands Constraints 6146 kb
  2. Community Profile 4065 kb
  3. Heritage List 3861 kb


Additional Supporting Documents

Local Profile Documents social, economic and environmental parameters for Lithgow LGA 48 172 kb
Economic Development Strategy Presents a framework for the future development of the economy in the LGA 2 542 kb
Business and Retail Strategy Recommend actions to encourage business development 9 807 kb
Cultural Plan Identifies existing cultural resources, facilitiates opportunites and provides a framework. 3 816 kb
Strategic Plan Introduces a new framework of strategic
planning in the Lithgow Local Government Area which is driven by the community's vision and issues.


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