How to Have Your Say

The Draft Land Use Strategy, along with two supporting studies, the Draft Open Space and Recreational Needs Study and Draft Heritage Development Control Plan Study are now available for your comment. This is your chance to have a say towards shaping the future of
the Lithgow Local Government Area in terms of land use planning.

The adopted Land Use Strategy will set the framework for future land use management in the Lithgow Local Government Area. Once adopted Council will use the Strategy to
inform the preparation of its new comprehensive Local Environmental Plan (LEP), which sets more specific rules for development within the area.




You are invited to put in a written submission any time during the consultation period and it will be considered prior to final adoption of the Strategy by Council.

At it's Ordinary Meeting held on 20 June 2011, Council resolved to extend the community consultation period. The closing date for written submissions has been extended to 31 July 2011. Council also resolved to contact all rural landholders.

Written submissions should be addressed to the

General Manager
PO Box 19 Lithgow NSW 2790,
quoting reference LUS 08-09

Submissions Received

In accordance with the GIPA Act all submissions received by Council in the public exhibition period of 5 May 2011 to 31 July 2011 are now available for public viewing.

Every attempt has been made to remove all private information and information of a commercial in confidence nature of those making private submissions.

Some submissions have been removed in whole or in part due to their content representing commercial in confidence information.

Letter & Email Submissions Part 1 (9.6 mb)

Letter & Email Submissions Part 2 (8.1 mb)

Letter & Email Submissions Part 3 (4.7 mb)

Form Submissions Part 1 (4.4 mb)

Form Submissions Part 2 (4.9 mb)

Government Authority Submissions (3.6 mb)

Further Submissions Added 9/9/11 (3.7 mb)





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